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Is your life ruled by irrational thoughts or fears that lead to compulsive behaviors? Obsessive-compulsive disorder leaves you unnecessarily preoccupied with matters so small they wouldn't typically be of significant concern. It’s a stressful condition that also can be upsetting to your family and friends. Ketamine infusion therapy, offered by Dr. Douglas Kornreich at KetaMed Health & Wellness in Rye Brook, New York, can provide relief for symptoms of OCD. Contact KetaMed today to learn more about Ketamine infusion therapy as an option for wellness.


What is obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a chronic condition where uncontrollable, recurring thoughts and behaviors disrupt daily living. Sufferers repeat compulsive behaviors over and over, affecting their relationships, work and school life, and other responsibilities.

Examples of common obsessions and compulsions include:

  • Fear of germs
  • Aggressive thoughts about self or others
  • Unwanted thoughts about violence, sex, or religion
  • Rearranging items in perfect order
  • Chronic handwashing and cleaning
  • Repeatedly checking on things (lights are off, doors are closed)
  • Compulsive counting

Some people diagnosed with OCD experience a motor tic disorder. These sudden movements — such as eye movements, shoulder shrugging, or head jerks — are brief and repetitive. Vocal tics — including grunting or repetitive clearing of the throat — may also occur.

Symptoms of OCD may appear for a while and then go away, and they may ease or worsen over time.

What are the risk factors for OCD?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder affects children and adults, typically diagnosed by age 19. Boys may experience an earlier onset of the condition than girls. Late onset, after age 35, is also possible.

Risk factors for developing OCD include:

  • Genetics
  • Brain functionality or structure
  • Previous trauma (physical or sexual)

How can Ketamine infusion therapy treat OCD?

Ketamine eases obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms in patients who constantly experience intrusive thoughts, and the drug’s benefits can last for one to two weeks. Ketamine treatment helps people with OCD control their thoughts and actions, freeing them to lead happier lives without obsessive worry and compulsive behavior.

Ketamine’s fast-acting symptom relief is significantly different from symptom relief in current first-line treatments for OCD. Patients wait six to 10 weeks to see clinical improvement with current treatments and may only experience a 40% to 60% reduction in symptoms.  

Dr. Kornreich’s has extensive experience with Ketamine infusion therapy for OCD symptom relief. To schedule an appointment and learn more about the therapy’s benefits, contact KetaMed Health & Wellness today.