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Our Mission

At KetaMed Health and Wellness, our primary mission is to provide personalized, quality care to people with mental illness, behavioral issues, and chronic pain not helped by other treatments, leading to lasting relief through the use of Ketamine, freeing them from the often debilitating conditions that have kept them from living their fullest, healthiest lives.

Our Vision

Thousands of people in our region suffer from chronic conditions that cause unrelenting physical and emotional pain. Through the expansion of our Health and Wellness Centers throughout the region we are committed to reaching these people and providing quality medical and psychiatric support through the delivery of Ketamine infusions, giving more people the freedom to live full lives free from the chronic pain and suffering of mental and behavioral conditions in a safe, supportive, and private environment.


i went to Dr. Kornreich when i was truly at the end of my rope. He and his staff, Nitza, were wonderful and comforting from the very first moment I contacted them. While nothing and Ketamine included is a silver bullet it did truncate my depression. I now operate every day mostly free of depression and most importantly I know there is hope out there when i thought all hope was lost. Dr. Kornreich and his team are compassionate and comforting....and flexible.... this treatment is different for each person and he did a great job in understanding my specific needs. My recommendation is that if you are suffering from depression seek out Dr. Kornreich as soon as possible. You can feel a little or a lot better on the first day and will most likely feel much better after a full course of Ketamine.

Christopher S.

I would recommend his facility to anyone who needed an infusion and I would especially recommend him to anyone who is new to the treatment and has some anxiety about beginning it. He is very kind, informative and the facilities themselves are medically certified (rather than an office) - this is an important distinction for those who are wary of the treatment, which I would encourage people not to be anyway. It is unfortunate that there is a stigma about talking about your mental heath, otherwise I'm sure more people would be leaving reviews for Ketamed if Dr. Kornreich's manner is in any way indicative of how he treats any patients beside me. Excellent experience. Very comfortable as well!

Michael L.

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